16 lots each over an Acre. Total acreage is about 18 Acres. There are beautiful trees, grass and wild flowers on Property. There is an OLD Trailer home on the Property that needs roof repairs and refurbishing. There is also a smaller trailer (It was on the land last year when I visited.) on the land that is in poor condition. I have not been to the property in over a year, I do not know the current condition. Please visit the property and do due diligence. I believe there is about 3 to 4 thousand (4000) in taxes owed on the land currently. Buyer will be responsible for these taxes. You can pay this monthly or at your own leisure by making arrangement with Apache county.  Please only purchases if you are certain. This costs me money to advertise. If you commit to purchase and do not follow through you will be liable for costs and restrictions eBay will impose. After you click - buy now - contact me immediately and make arrangements for payment. I will need a cashiers check or bank transfer for the full purchase price plus ebay add fees and transfer of tittle fee 1,100 dollars total, within three business days. After I receive the payment in full I will send a special warranty deed. 
    This property has no well or electricity on the land currently. I did get cell phone reception well using both t mobile and Verizon. Electric lines are near the property. You can use solar or generators and pretty much do anything you want on this property. There are no restrictions. The trailer sits atop the highest point on the land and overlooks a great view. The mountains can be seen on the horizon, the view is spectacular. There are very few people in the surrounding hills, maybe two or three cabins within a couple miles. Sanders is close and it is easy access to the Highway. The dirt road access is good two wheel drive is OK. There is about two miles of sandy road.  The winters here are mild but it does snow. The summers are beautiful and warm. I do not know how deep well water would be but Sanders AZ is only 13 miles and it would be easy to haul water as well. St Johns is not much further and has all amenities. The trailer could be lived in as of the time I visited property, you would need to refurbish and roof the trailer.     GPS 34.958643, -109.340626